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Help to fight the cuts to the Gurkhas

- News: Jan 2012 -
Over 400 Gurkhas with more than 6 years service to lose their jobs

  1. The Gurkhas have fought as part of the British Army for nearly 200 years.  Their courage and loyalty is legendary.
  2. The current cuts in the defence budget are hitting the Gurkhas hard.
  3. We believe that cuts to the armed forces should be resisted when we are at war in Afghanistan, Iran is a destabilising influence in the Gulf and Argentina continues to claim the Falklands.
  4. We believe that the Gurkhas are being hit disproportionately hard.
  5. Continued cuts will soon mean that the numbers in the Brigade of Gurkhas will fall so low that its viability will be threatened.
  6. The only voice that speaks for them is the voice of a large number of British people who understand and value their service
  7. Please be part of the voice that speaks for them by signing up your support’.

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"Please add my name to the campaign petition to protest against the potential closure of the Brigade of Gurkhas in Folkestone for the sake of saving defence costs. By submitting this form I am showing that I am against this short sighted proposal....."





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